Where Are They Now?

If you’re seeking new episodes of Method to Madness or Alpha Counter, I’m afraid they’ve come to a close. But don’t let that stop you from exploring/revisiting our archive.

Fear not! That doesn’t mean that Sean and the gang are gone forever! You still can find them all on Twitter (individual links in the sidebar) and appearing regularly on other podcasts like Mating Habits of the Modern Geek and Whiskey Thursday. And of course there’s always the secret blog…

Alpha Counter Podcast 150: TTFN


Episode 150: “Sometimes The Last Show Sucks, Too”

This is it. The 150th episode of Alpha Counter! It’s also the last episode of Alpha Counter. I feel I’ve come far sholdering this podcast and there are so many places I wanted to take it…but alas, I can go no further.

Alpha Counter Podcast 146: TsN Talk


Episode 146: “Alpha Counter Beta”

AlphaCounter-Segata1This isn’t the first Alpha Counter… Many years ago, I posted an Omake that shared the “Best Of” episode of the previous incarnation. Now, almost a decade later, “Krafty” Matt “Harlock” Kraft sit down and finally air our grievances (and good times) of our run on the Team Sportscast Network.

Alpha Counter Podcast 145: Gaters and Crocks


Episode 145: “August Again, Already?”

It’s strange. In the past year since the last podcasts I’ve recorded about #GamerGate, I’ve done a lot of reading and a lot of thinking. I understand the movement more now and even find sympathy with it. However, I continue to reach many of the same conclusions, as I express in this podcast.

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