Method to Madness Podcast – Omake 6



Omake 6: “It’s Got Space All Up IN IT.”

Fresh from the cutting room floor, we present the latest batch of outtakes! In an effort to keep the show’s length within the tolerable span of an hour, sacrifices must be made. Sometimes we go on wild, unrelated tangents or there’s material that we just fit into an episode.

Extra Bonus: This clip show includes outtakes from next week’s podcast!

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In the Method to Madness podcast, Sean “The Grey Ghost” Ryan and Kevin “The Business” Gray discuss the great anime that you should be watching and the shameful anime we know you’re watching instead.

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Sean Ryan

Blogger, podcaster, and your new best friend: Sean Ryan, aka The Grey Ghost. Host of Alpha Counter and the Method To Madness podcast. Sean's produced content for online networks that no longer exist, like the Team Sportscast Network and GotGame. He now contributes to Anime 3000 and I Just Had a Terrible Thought... Pray for them. Twitter: @thegreyghostnet


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  1. ZeonicFreak

    There is one person who slept with their grandmother, and that was Phillip J Fry.

    I dont know if Japan knows about that episode of Futurama yet, or japan inspired that moment in Futurama history.

    1. The Grey Ghost

      I would be afraid to see an anime version of Futurama.

      Oh, wait… That’s kinda already happened.

      1. ZeonicFreak

        Word on the internet street was that artist got hired by by the Futurama crew a couple of years back from that picture. Toonzone.net had a thing on it, thats where i heard about it.

        Anime version of Futurama is just whatever anime does now, but in space. There is already anime and manga (one off the top of my head is Cannon God Exaxxion from Sonada) which has aliens which im sure has an orgy of green alien sex all the time. Theres another anime i know about with some guy who was in a band, and some alien chick comes to earth so he can write songs to bring them peace, and i think they fall in love or something.

  2. PhantomFHarlock

    Good to hear that you have become such a fan of the Stone Brew.

    Each year, Stone collaborates with two other breweries to craft a collaboration brew. They are very expensive, even for Stone.

    1. The Grey Ghost

      Shortly after that recording, I picked up a bottle of Saison du Buff and it was quite good! I also found Bashah, The Stone crossover with BrewDog, but that was a disappointment.

      1. PhantomFHarlock

        I will have to try that, then. I read a review and it sounds yummy.

  3. ZeonicFreak

    I think i might have heard of the “space beer” or something crazy that japan spent way more money than what any normal person should to make booze. Its ok to go all out to make something, but, there are things you dont need to over do.

    I gotta wonder if pot is legal in japan, they can harvest that in space, and call it “space pot”.

    I gotta ask, what year was this when you did the tape trade dubbing for that nazi guy you were talking about? I would have went the extra mile to do like laser disk trading or CED (link to cinemassacre.com).

    1. The Grey Ghost

      My fandubbing adventures took place around 1995. He originally contacted me after seeing a letter of mine published in Transformers: Generation 2 #11, which included my then-home address. This was before I had internet access, so we bounced snail mail back and forth for a few months.

      I ignored his…political philosophies until he went on this long tirade about how “gay” the lead character from VR Troopers appeared, letter after letter. That’s when I dropped him…

  4. ZeonicFreak

    Wait this is on a comic right? Ill have to find an issue of that, just because.

    I do happen to have an idea with fandubbing that includes a lost pilot anime that Carl Macek did but never got on tv. I’m kinda mentally working on a theme song for it, but its more of a AMV project id like to tackle in the future for the AMV contest at Animazement.

    I didn’t get into VR Troopers at that time so I cant say much on the main character. But since I brought up CED’s if anyone wants them they might be at the old Hungatees in the Cary Towne Center. My friend and I were checking out titles like “Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome” and “The Longest Day”. My friend has a soft spot for dead technology, he still does his school projects on VCR format: link to youtube.com

    I kinda feel like having a panel at the next Animazement con that is about tape swapping, or just handing out whatever anime I can fit on VHS and give to people who show up, even if they look in the door id like to still give them something.

    1. The Grey Ghost

      Yeah, my letter in that issue propelled me into the Transformers fandom in the mid-90s. From there, I met all sorts of cool people around the country and even participated in a fanzine. I was the resident cartoonist/cover artist for the first few issues. I lost all my copies, sadly…

      Though one piece of mine exists digitally. The art is pretty terrible, though I was only 17 at the time. I got better, but over the past decade my passion shifted from cartooning to writing.

      Your panel idea sounds really cool! I know a few guys that might have some input on that. Though handing out VHS cassettes filled with anime might not be a hot idea, since I’m sure the licensed publishers may take offense.

  5. ZeonicFreak

    What if that anime was really terrible like MD Geist, Kawajiri anime and Sailor Moon, stuff NO ONE would have rights too, nor care about. The intention is not to label them, its more of “Hey, you never know what your gonna watch on this tape.”

    See, i wasnt really part of tape swapping, so yea i could host a panel about it, but i really wouldnt say anything. I guess my thought would be “Hey, this is how things were done 15 years ago” kinda thing, then hand out stuff. If i was to hand out anything, it would be that idea i mentioned and put all of that on VHS.

    Yea, I did (and kinda do) art here and there, but i switched from sketching to more game design and 3d modeling and what not, or looking more into level design and playing with things on garry’s mod.

    1. The Grey Ghost

      These are questions that you should probably ask the Animazement staff directly. If they give the thumbs up, than kudos. But I would guess that handing out tapes of any licensed shows will be frowned upon.

      The good news is that you have almost a year to talk with people who were part of that scene and build up your material.

      1. ZeonicFreak

        Well, not if they dont know about it, but there is going to be staff at every panel so i couldnt hide that.

        It gives me something to look at for next year, right now its just something im kinda thinking about just for the heck of it.

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