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Episode 49: “He Has It All; Yes He Does…”


Shows like this are currently the methadone of the anime industry. It gets us along day-by-day, but it’s far from a cure and most likely doing more long-term harm than good. Understanding this as I watch KissxSis gets me wondering, “You know, maybe Nick Levasseur was on to something,” as fire cures all ails and evils.

KissxSis presents a window into a world pregnant with insanity. As with every harem show, every warm-blooded biped with a vagina amass toward our lead homeboy’s junk… But none more determined than his two twin sisters. Yes, they are his step-sisters, but this doesn’t excuse either their taboo or their peers insistence that they indulge.

If you like this show, KEVIN HATES YOU.

In the Method to Madness podcast, Sean “The Grey Ghost” Ryan and Kevin “The Business” Gray discuss the great anime that you should be watching and the shameful anime we know you’re watching instead.


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  1. I’ve only seen a handful of shows where ‘related relationship’ has worked narratively, and all of those were presented as an obstacle, a panic of some sort that the two lovers might be related, or the spanner in the works that the existing couple’s parents have gone and gotten married.
    More of the good ones end with one of the relationships (parent or now awkward step-sibling) mercifully ending. All of those were from before the era of unstoppable fetish programming.

    Kiss X Sis, on the other hand, is totally unredeemable.

    Megane is glasses, BTW.

    Kotatsu- that’s the heated table.

    Making this worse without Guro… add the parents in. Both of them. Wanting to bone the homeboy. Then come the grandparents.

    I bet a few of those Voice Actresses would vomit while they were laughing.

    I suggest whichever number you choose, it be a non whole number. I demand you deliver .42609 of a nutkick.

  2. “I suggest whichever number you choose, it be a non whole number. I demand you deliver .42609 of a nutkick.”

    I’m cool with this… That’s like if Kevin pulled back his leg to about full draw, then he pauses and stands down. Hopefully in regret or laziness.

    1. Can the “pi” (3.1415… blahblahblah) be used to determine the number of kicks?

  3. I….y….You….I….this….can’t…

    AAHHHHHH!!! *runs to youtube to watch Chii*

    link to

    :’D I managed to put the knife down….

    BTW Chii is considered Seinen, so that tells you how there’s NO correlation with content and the category.^^; It’s considered seinen depending on what manga magazine the original manga’s released in, as far as I can tell.

    More commentary when I’ve recovered from this podcast…

    1. M, are you gonna stand there (in another state) and let Kevin mock you for being in South Carolina for your math skills? I think he was calling you out on that, you need some sorta comeback on your end (yea, he completely didnt mention I was in the same state, becasue he didnt know is what im betting on).

      I… would say something, but again, I wasnt in the crossfire on this one, but were from the same state, you gotta do some kinda defending for this state on your end, even though SC is like the USA special ed school for people it seems.

      And Kevin, DONT GIVE JAPAN IDEAS. Your idea at the end, someone is gonna pick up on that, wither it be telepathy or some lone studio guy got lucky on finding this podcast outta the blue ( and completely missing AWO which is like the czar of anime podcasting)and be like “Oh man, we found what america wants, do what this “kevin” guy says”. I have some grosser stuff, but I wont say a word, some of my crazy imagination needs to stay in my brain locked up.

      Kevin, my number of kicks is 9000+, just go beyond that number in Kaio-Ken mode.

      1. I’ve gotten used to it; everyone in NC teases me about being from South Carolina, especially Kevin. Anyways, Kevin is jealous of my glamorous job as a rock farmer, that’s all.

  4. Wow, this show is horrible.
    I salute you guys for have the fortitude to being able to finish watching this anime.
    A number of kicks in the nuts is not enough, one needs to go Hokuto Shin Ken on them!
    I trust you will be able to deliver!

    Erwin Rosales AKA chronocross_xp in the fast karate forums :O

    1. Why do I keep approving these comments containing plots against my man berries???

      1. Well, Kevin did kinda nicely ask us to put some numbers up. Hey man, im just doing my part.

        But it makes you feel better, I can expect japan to come up with something alot worse than this show, it might be out there if your willing to dig past the surface.

        1. Wait, that doesnt help you either way.

  5. Sean, it’s alright, Kevin still hasn’t killed me for Melty Lancer or all the times I’ve sarcastically told him ‘I LOVE the show you’d kill anyone for liking.’

    He won’t nuthammer you any time soon.

  6. Well, I disagree with the general dismissal of polyamory made but I won’t get into that here. More importantly I thought this was one of your funnier episodes. I don’t know if you were doing it on purpose or not but I’m pretty sure the “X” in these Japanese titles is supposed to be silent for whatever retarded reason. Like “xxxHolic” is just “holic”. I also agree that there is truth to what Sean was saying that someone you’ve never met before and is only introduced to you as a “sister” via technicality is definitely less weird than someone you grew up with and established a familial bond with. Although Kevin’s point about future family complications was also valid.

    I feel silly even mentioning this, but when you guys were talking about “if only hentai wasn’t creepy/weird it made me wonder, have you watched “Step Up Love Story” aka Futari H? Think you might be surprised to see no one transforming or weird fetishes.

    One disturbing trend I have been noticing with anime is that they do sure seem to be going out of their way to cater to the “little kid fetish.” Placating fans and giving them what they want is one thing, but I’m not sure encouraging pedophilia justifies the money grab, even in this economy.

    1. First of all, polyamory is wrong.

      It’s either multiamory or polyphelia–don’t mix your Greek and Latin roots. :p

      Kevin and I discussed the “x” issue in a past Omake. Since I’ve heard most people pronounce the “x”, we just kinda went for that.

  7. What? Really? I’ve never heard either used so it didn’t even occur to me to check, but it seems etymologically you are correct.

    BTW it’s “philia” not “phelia” ;)

  8. There is only one song that can sum up this anime series:

    Start at the 3:40 mark: link to

  9. In my defense, I found humor in PARTS of Mai-chan. Baby fuck was not one of those parts. At least, I don’t remember laughing at that. There is a scene where a tiger comes out of nowhere an mauls a group of rapists and drags Mai-chan home that I found amusing, however.

    1. Tigers mauling rapists–I’m all on board for that!

  10. Showed my friend this episode so that he wouldn’t want to still watch this damn show. I was unsuccessful. But he said that he wanted to watch it more because what you guys said was funny.
    Does that make it better?

    1. I…I don’t know. We didn’t ward him away from the show, but maybe by altering his perception of it, we’ve still done good?

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