Alpha Counter Cross-Ups 02: Failien Resurrection



Episode 02: “Matt Hates Joss Whedon”

Some more pre-game outtakes from the Alpha Counter podcast recording sessions, including one taken from our A3K Bonus Round review of X the TV series.

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Sean Ryan

Blogger, podcaster, and your new best friend: Sean Ryan, aka The Grey Ghost. Host of Alpha Counter and the Method To Madness podcast. Sean's produced content for online networks that no longer exist, like the Team Sportscast Network and GotGame. He now contributes to Anime 3000 and I Just Had a Terrible Thought... Pray for them. Twitter: @thegreyghostnet


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  1. Em

    MMmmm… delicious SeanKevinMattChuck hotdog. :3

    1. Comtar

      We all have separate Hot Dogs, thank you.

    2. Sean Ryan

      Does that make you the mustard or the bun that holds us all together? This could quickly get awkward… :p

      1. Em

        I’d be the mustard cos I’m so spi-say! ;D

  2. Rokket Punch

    Loved the Alien rant and I totally agree and fuck Joss Whedon!

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    [...] of disappointment. The latest big-budget bummer: The Dark Knight Rises. Matt went on an intense rant against Joss Whedon and his abominable script for Alien Resurrection, damning him for ruining the Alien franchise. Then [...]

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