Alpha Counter Podcast 27: Every King Has His Reign…



Episode 27: “It’s Like Your Mind’s a Water Balloon…”

Kevin recently volunteered to staff ConTemporal; a local steampunk convention and has returned with stories to share. It was an interesting experience on The Business end of a convention, catering to a very different fandom than those we encounter at Animazement.

While normally a topic for Method to Madness, Kevin and I give our thoughts on the Toonami revival at the request of listener email. As much as we want to get excited, it may be a futile effort, much like how Kevin describes playing Cthulhu RPGs. But nothing gets us (or rather, me) more fired up than discussing Prometheus.

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Sean Ryan

Blogger, podcaster, and your new best friend: Sean Ryan, aka The Grey Ghost. Host of Alpha Counter and the Method To Madness podcast. Sean's produced content for online networks that no longer exist, like the Team Sportscast Network and GotGame. He now contributes to Anime 3000 and I Just Had a Terrible Thought... Pray for them. Twitter: @thegreyghostnet


  1. Tim

    Okay, so, not yet done with the podcast yet, but two things.

    Kevin- “Phil Foglio” is not pronounced “Foe-Li-Go”

    Sean- The 1920s can’t be ‘coming out’ of the great depression, since that started at the end of the decade.

    Also, Charlise Theron, I’m pretty sure you pronounce the l and the o is not a long one.

  2. Matthew Kraft

    I’m never going to live this Goddamn “Silverback” comment down, am I? Jeez, I know capuchin monkies don’t have silverbacks, I was making a (failed) “pimp” joke. :rollseyes: :p

    1. Sean Ryan

      NnnnnnnOPE. :p

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