Alpha Counter Podcast 28: Women are Funny

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Episode 28: “Late Bloomers”

Matt’s got a major boner for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown and geek girls…though we can’t decide which one gets him gripping his joystick tighter. Though every week he has a date with Wednesday Night Fights.

I’m more fascinated with getting in front of the radio mic, which may be left to Freudian interpretation. After recounting my recent tour with a local radio station, we both discuss some controversy surrounding the sexist remarks made by our talk radio role model, Adam Carolla.

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Sean Ryan

Blogger, podcaster, and your new best friend: Sean Ryan, aka The Grey Ghost. Host of Alpha Counter and the Method To Madness podcast. Sean's produced content for online networks that no longer exist, like the Team Sportscast Network and GotGame. He now contributes to Anime 3000 and I Just Had a Terrible Thought... Pray for them. Twitter: @thegreyghostnet


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  1. Cody Baier

    Whoooooa, you are misrepresenting me, here. I never trashed Dirty Pair. I specifically said it didn’t look interesting, so I don’t want to watch it. And several episodes of The Other Side specifically break down several shows, and forms of anime, and pick them apart academically while I spit my usual venom. I go after fandoms because they basically ruin the fun for everyone else, and they’re an infinite supply of derisive laughs.

    And as for trashing shows I don’t watch, I’ve made it clear I only trash the ones I have watched. I hate Panty and Stocking because I have watched it. More than I would’ve liked to.

    All that said, I’m sad I missed out on this podcast. :(

    1. Sean Ryan

      Here’s the trouble: I’ve heard others with similar descriptions of you, so there’s an image you’re projecting.

      “All that said, I’m sad I missed out on this podcast.”

      That’s one reason we’ve invited you to join us! Matt’s as passionate about fighting games as you are, and after hearing your Other Side on the fighting game community, there is much to be discussed and cleared up on that fandom.

  2. VichusSmith

    You talked about girl gamers, and fighting games. What do you all (specifically Matt, since he seems hardcore about fighters) think of Skull Girls. I only played the demo, and it was HARD!

    Oh, and I think you misrepresented Cody as well. Cody tends to gather up his ammunition before he guns an anime down. That is why I respect him, even though I’d rather eat sawdust than live in a world without the anime he hates.

    1. Sean Ryan

      I like Skull Girls, for better or worse. The controls are kinda hard to get used to, but sometimes I think that’s just me. My biggest complaint is how small the cast of characters are.

      We’ve invited Cody to join us on an upcoming podcast, if for no other reason than so it’s not just us shit-talking. Should be more fighting game talk and other good stuff.

    2. Matthew Kraft

      Skull Girls, as a competitive game, is dead in the water (much to Cody’s delight). That being said, I have not given it much thought. At Wednesday Night Fights, there is a small group of guys that still play it, but not enough to make it a “Major” like AE, SFxT, MvC3, or VF5 (SoCal represent!).

      1. VichusSmith

        Needs times to establish itself, right? Maybe with a sequel, it’ll be bigger competitively.

        BTW, sadness for the email updates. Dinna work!

        1. Sean Ryan

          Fuck. Alright, I’ll see if I can figure out the plugin.

        2. Sean Ryan

          Oh, and there won’t BE a Skull Girls 2 if the first one bombs in sales. I hope it made a good profit!

        3. Matthew Kraft

          No. The FGC is not happy with Skull Girls. It is an unfinished game. It took forever for the first patch to hit the game, and by the time it did, no one cared.

        4. Cody Baier

          Best damn news I heard all day!

  3. VichusSmith

    Ah, radio. My love as well. Good luck on your radio dreams. Maybe if you were older, you would’ve been in by now. From what I’ve heard, radio’s not welcoming hires with open arms. They’re competing with iPods.

    I don’t know if he meant any offense, but the “jerk off” that replaced Stern when he left for Satellite was, at first, David Lee Roth, who was absolutely not ready to handle morning talk radio. Then, when the ship was sinking, they hired Opie and Anthony (MY radio heroes), but handcuffed them in terms of content, because at that time, radio was walking on eggshells. It’s not the same world that Howard Stern was free to be himself in. No one wants to listen to neutered radio.

    Now WXRK is some whatever-the-fuck, personality-less iPod competitor.

    If any listeners don’t know what a cart looks like, at least they had a chance to know what it sounds like. Often, I remember listening to people like Stern and O&A and I would hear those carts being inserted. It sounds like a Super Nintendo cartridge being inserted in the dark.

    (BTW, kudos on the email notification feature)

    1. VichusSmith

      What? You were in favor of Gilbert Gottfried being fired? Companies can do what they please as far as hiring, though, but those motherfuckers knew his background.

      1. Sean Ryan

        I wouldn’t say I was in favor, but I completely understand why. Gottfried made a bad call and it makes sense that he got dropped. It sucks, but it’s his fault.

    2. Sean Ryan

      It took me till just after the recording to remember it was David Lee Roth. If I remember, he and the other replacements for Stern’s slot barely lasted a year, while Carolla lasted a few.

      I’m just glad the email notifications work! (They do work, right?) I get email notifications either way, but only because I’m the site admin. I knew listeners and also the crew would want to get updates on discussions here.

      1. Matthew Kraft

        Had it not been for the shenanigans that happened at Carolla’s 97.1FM home base with Leykis and contract negotiations and the resulting format change, Carolla would have lasted a lot longer on the West Coast.

        1. VichusSmith

          I wonder if anyone listens to Leykis anymore. His shtick was very rinse and repeat. He was basically like the playlist on a music station. Every 20 minutes it’s the same catch phrases.

          Anyway, what about the good of women in gaming? So far, it’s talking about the alleged co-opters of the fandom. What about “Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin” for instance?

        2. Sean Ryan

          Yeah, I’m all about Ashley Burch. She’s incredibly funny.

          What do you mean by “it’s talking about…”?

          I can’t think of any other known gamer girls I know that are especially funny. Though other online personalities I’d mention are Allie Brosh and Allison Pregler. I LOVE their sense of humor.

          Lisa Foiles is not funny. No matter how many people tell her she is or pays her to be.

        3. VichusSmith

          Um, yeah, error.

          I didn’t know Lisa Foiles did comedy. I mean, the first time I saw her she was doing a semi-sorta comedy web series.

        4. Sean Ryan

          Well, her biggest role was on a children’s sketch comedy show. And most of the online videos she does is done for comedy. Her effectiveness varies.

        5. VichusSmith

          Was she in “Kids Inc.” or something? “The Roundhouse,” maybe?

        6. Sean Ryan

          Oh, god… If it was Kids, Inc, she’d be in her 40s.

          It was All That.

        7. Matthew Kraft

          I do not believe that Tom Leykis is broadcasting his old show. I know that after the collapse of 97.1, he tried to get a job as a political talk show host, but he was/is radioactive due to his misogyny.

  4. Em

    There are plenty of funny women in the world, but I think for the majority of the time, we’re not encouraged to be “funny.” Usually funny is considered a manly thing. It takes some confidence to put yourself out there. It’s strange because usually guys LOVE funny women, but I think many women are afraid to try. They’re more of a reactive roll at social events, going “that’s so funny!” Yeah…also comedy is an art of self-deprication, and some people just don’t have it in them to point out their own weaknesses.

    I really don’t consider myself that funny, more awkwardly dorky tho…

    1. Sean Ryan

      That’s kinda the thought I had, too… I think men and women have the same capacity for comedy, but culturally women are more malnourished in that area. And I think one reason why men are attracted to women who are funny is that boldness is generally an attractive quality.

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