Alpha Counter Podcast 29: Spider-Ham



Episode 29: “Needs More Missy Kallenback”

I didn’t expect much going in to see Amazing Spider-man, and yet it managed to still disappoint me. I’m often willing to grant forgiveness on a movie to suspend my disbelief…but what this movie asks of me is unreasonable.

The characters aren’t given any personal thrust to move or develop along the story line except for the contrivance that these are a sequence of events that must occur. And they do occur! In their designated order at their designated times…but by the end, there’s no one left on either side of the screen that appears to care.

Then somewhere in there, the movie turned into Teen Wolf… Oh, except that Peter Parker’s way more of an asshole.

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Sean Ryan

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  1. Melinda

    link to news.nationalgeographic.com

    we already can make spider silk in mass in a much bigger quantity. Though it won’t be as great a moment if Peter is bit by a cow or goat.

    1. Sean Ryan

      Oh, wow… That would make a great “What If…?” Like, if Peter instead got bit by a radioactive horse. Or a sugar-glider. Or a potato bug? (Potato bugs are gross.)

      Of course, I would write it so that no matter what animal he gained the powers of, he’d still use web spinners.

  2. VichusSmith

    It sounds like you not only have problems with the film, but with the comics as well. Captain Stacy’s from the comics, and The Lizard’s lair is from their as well.

    I haven’t seen the movie, because I’ve heard enough to tell me I should wait until it comes out on Netflix, but I think Norman Osborn might be dealing with a mental illness, and they’re covering up his real issues. He uses a formula on himself that makes him stronger, but also affects his sanity. Or maybe he is really dealing with an illness and he creates the formula to try and cure himself. Also, they probably just said he had an illness because they didn’t have an appropriate actor to play Osborn yet.

    link to goodcomics.comicbookresources.com

    Yeah, Spidey, you sure did.

    1. Sean Ryan

      “It sounds like you not only have problems with the film, but with the comics as well. Captain Stacy’s from the comics, and The Lizard’s lair is from their as well.”

      Yeah, I know… O_o

      Ah, so it was a snapped neck. I knew it was some accident during the fall!

      1. Tim

        Though sometimes it’s retconned she was already dead before she was even tossed.

        Of course, she would have died on impact ANYWAYS, so damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.

        As for Lizard’s Lair and Cap Stacy, they had the benefit of being in a New York 30 years less inundated with surveillance equipment than ours. It would have been possible for the Lizard to sneak out (Of a University, not a corporation, IIRC) much easier back then. Not so believable now, though.

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