Alpha Counter Podcast 31: Black Tar Monster



Episode 31: “Then how do you get rid of the Mega-Predators?”

With the exception of The Avengers, this summer’s catalog of movie releases have been a series of disappointment. The latest big-budget bummer: The Dark Knight Rises.

Matt went on an intense rant against Joss Whedon and his abominable script for Alien Resurrection, damning him for ruining the Alien franchise. Then Prometheus hit theaters. Now he shares with the podcast his thoughts on this new chapter to the Alien mythos, god-breathed by the original film’s maestro, Ridley Scott.

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  1. Tim

    Map makers are Cartographers, not Cardiographers.

    Also, the fact that the Geologist- the man responsible for deploying the sensorbots- does not have a READOUT for that data at all is a problem.

    I also note that he lays all the blame on both Resurrection and Prometheus on the writers, and none on all the other people included in the work, especially not Ridley Scott in the case of prometheus. Methinks some bias is detected.

    1. Matthew Kraft

      You are correct, map makers are cartographers, not cardiographers. Say both into a headset mic over skype and then play it back over a speaker, and they will sound the same.

      Thank you, on that second point! By the time he and his biologist buddy had discovered they were lost, it was already too late. The dust storm had started. They did call back to the ship to ask for directions and they were told to sit tight, because the Prometheus crew could not come get them until morning. Tim, thanks for backing me up on this point.

      I do not just lay the blame on Resurrection and Prometheus on the writers. If you listen to my original rant, for Resurrection, I do blame Whedon for writing shit. The studio could not have done anything to fix it. It was just icing on the cake that the studio chose campy direction and poor acting as well.

      Prometheus on the other hand is a different story. I blame Lindelof for writing a story that HE wanted, not one that makes sense. I blame the studio for forcing Scott into making Prometheus an “Alien” movie, when it is clear that is not what it was supposed to be. You can also hear me nit pick direction choices, such as the “engineer” at the beginning of the film, or the choice to do away with the bio-mechanical look for the more mechanical look. Other choices, such as the full size alien instead of the small “soup-can” hole chest burster. These are all direction choices, and those faults lay square on Scott’s head. However, much like my original rant; no amount of polish is going to shine up shit. Scott could have directed a PERFECT movie, but because of a poor script and poor decisions by the studio, it still would have been a poor movie.

      Am I biased, yes. But, just think how much better Indi 4 would have been had Lucas NOT been involved? Because of Lucas, by the time you GOT to the alien skull, things like the refrigerator, the ground hogs, and for fuck sake the helpful monkeys… you as the audience had already checked out. Spielberg couldn’t save that film.

      1. Tim

        If I say Cartographer into a microphone, it will not suddenly gain an extra syllable.

        From what I understand of Indy 4′s development, Lucas was the one scripting it, but they were both developing the story, and Spielberg could have stepped in and nixed things if he didn’t like them. As such, I can’t lay the blame on those things soley on Lucas. Especially not since many of them ARE staples of the Pulp comics of the era that Indy 4 was trying to emulate.

  2. VichusSmith

    Black Dynamite isn’t a dumb movie. It’s a spoof, so you have to know some basic knowledge of blacksploitation. Also, the jokes might be dumb, but it takes a smart writer to do dumb comedy well.

    1. Sean Ryan

      I dunno if M was suggesting that Black Dynamite is a dumb movie. But it is a silly movie and meant to be funny, not serious. I really liked it!

      1. VichusSmith

        If it had better written one-liners, maybe The Expendables would’ve been a pleasure to watch.

        1. Sean Ryan

          Honestly, the one-liners in both movies were pretty lame, but the second movie at least had a consistent theme. Take a listen to my full review on the first one for my complete thoughts:

          link to alphacounter.com

    2. Em

      I think my point, as foggy as it is, about bringing Black Dynamite up, is that it is a rediculous movie, but it’s smart at the same time. There are a lot of satirical movies that are deceptively simple and “stupid”, but brilliant.

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