Alpha Counter Podcast 33: Battle of the Blowhards



Episode 33: “Alpha Counter X Kuso”

Cody Baier from Anime 3000 hops on the podcast to counter some harsh words we may have dropped on him in previous podcast episodes. He, Matt, and I get down right fierce on what’s wrong with the fighting game community. But to warm up, Matt air juggles The Dark Knight Rises.

You better brace your ears for a beating, scrubs, cuz it’s about to get loud!

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Sean Ryan

Blogger, podcaster, and your new best friend: Sean Ryan, aka The Grey Ghost. Host of Alpha Counter and the Method To Madness podcast. Sean's produced content for online networks that no longer exist, like the Team Sportscast Network and GotGame. He now contributes to Anime 3000 and I Just Had a Terrible Thought... Pray for them. Twitter: @thegreyghostnet


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  1. Chris

    Hey, guys! Great episode! So glad you got Cody on the show and actually had worthwhile throw-down. I also enjoyed the Loki commentary. Loki in Marvel shifted to the form of a woman in the 2000s during the Dark Reign event before turning into a child by the start of Heroic Age. But the recent fad for Loki is very much fangirl driven thanks to The Avengers movie. After all, we’ve had more fangirls in anime and comic fandom than ever before in the last decade or so. Given the extensive amount of subjects you engage in, I just have to ask:
    1. Do you think character deaths in anime still get emotional responses from fans?
    2. With female fandom increasing in Shonen titles (anime and manga) and Shojo wavering, what do you think the future holds for these genres?

    All in all, another fantastic show. Keep up the great work!

    1. Sean Ryan

      1. I still get a little misty-eyed at the end of Macross Plus; especially the movie.

      2. Trends are ebb and flow, I think. Besides, shojo is still running strong… Just not by young girls, but by the loyal following of middle-aged pervy guys.

  2. Kyle

    Wow. I really hate Cody Baier.

    1. Kyle

      I take it back. I don’t hate him, I just find him talking about Batman incredibly obnoxious. That’s where I was when I commented.

  3. Melinda

    link to postimage.org

    i found this a long time ago and this has been one of the best Description of Yoai i have ever seen.

    1. Sean Ryan

      I can see that. Considering how dudes like hard, aggressive fucking, if you get two guys teamed up to to at each other, it’s probably more brutal to watch than MMA.

  4. VichusSmith

    So black boxes can tell you how long a plane has been facing vertically?

    Also, The US Military would march into Gotham, knowing that there is a threat to thousands of people’s lives. I think that sneaking operatives into Gotham was what the military would do, as to not set Bane off, but that failed. So if Batman had not come to save the day, they probably would’ve tried another plan of attack. I definitely don’t think they would come in, guns blazing.

    1. Matthew Kraft

      Black boxes tell more about a plane that just the conversation happening on the flight deck at the time. It records a reading of the instruments and records the general condition of the aircraft at any given time. It is the single most useful piece of evidence that can be recovered from a crash site. (Talk about putting similar devices in automobiles, but you can imagine that people are talking all sorts of “big brother” implications and slippery slope arguments).

      As I stated in the Podcast, if we (people like us) were looking for a real solution to this problem, the Government would have marched in there, and contained Bane swiftly and then dealt with the repercussions of the bomb going off with propaganda such as “We do not negotiate with terrorists.”

      If those (people like Cody) were looking for a comic solution to this problem, then the Government would have sent in Snake Plissken, after giving them the flu or some other “motivation”, and he would have had that problem cleaned up in less than 24 hours. This may or may not have happened after a failed attempt to get to Bane using Seal Team 6 or other military means.

      The common thread in both the real world and comic book scenario is that the US Government would not wait. They cannot wait. A terrorist occupying a US city for more than a short while is politically/morally damaging to a nation. Action to deal with would need to be swift and decisive, whatever the outcome.

      1. VichusSmith

        If the military could just handle Bane, then who needs Batman? I actually didn’t read Knightfall or No Man’s Land, so I don’t know how they handled it in the comics. I think they might’ve had multiple heroes of the Bat family involved.

        What precedent do we have for terrorists occupying an area of the US for months?

        Failing in an attempt to recapture Gotham, possibly leading to the deaths of thousands, is also politically/morally damaging, no?

        They sent dudes in, stealthily, and it failed. Maybe they should’ve snuck in more agents, but it’s The Batman’s show.

        1. Matthew Kraft

          There are two instances right off the top of my head that I can think of. Both were handled in very different ways. They are not on the scale of an entire city, but both scenarios due involve Iran.

          1) November 4, 1979 – Islamic students and militants overtake an American Embassy in Tehran in solidarity with the Iranian Revolution and hold 52 hostages for 444 days. President Carter did not attempt a rescue until April 24, 1980 opting instead for failed negotiations and panhandling. It can be said that as a result of how the Iranian Hostage Crisis was handled, it sealed the fate of President Carter and his future in politics. The hostages were released January 19, 1981 moments after President Ronald Reagan took his Oath of Office. (Rumor is that they were afraid of what President Reagan was going to do).

          It might be mentioned that on that in 1979, while our Government was caught with their pants down, panhandling, and saying “com’on guys…,” the Canadian Governments SWIFT action saved six Americans in what history remembers as the “Canadian Caper”.

          2) April 30, 1980 – Terrorist storm the Iranian Embassy in London and take 26 hostages. British government working with police satiate the terrorist demands over the next five days, while the Secret Air Service (SAS) plan their siege. The siege lasted 17 minutes, one hostage was killed, and five of the six terrorists were killed (the last terrorist would have been killed execution style, had television cameras not been on scene). British resolve to not negotiate, panhandle, and get the issue resolved quickly showed the world they could get done in 6 days what America could not get done in 444 days.

          Would the US Government send risk losing thousands to stop terrorists? I cannot answer that. I do know the US Government are willing to lose hundreds in a passenger plane to stop it from creating another 9-11, standing orders being if another plane is hijacked it is to be shot out of the sky.

          I do agree that this is the “Batman Show”… but remember, he didn’t even get to beat Bane, Catwoman did.

        2. Matthew Kraft

          Wow. I really have to stop trying to type on medication… I hope you can make sense of that…

  5. Alex

    Hey guys, killer podcast! Cody dropped me a link to this due to his guest appearance, and after hearing this installment, I think I’m going to make an effort to become a regular listener to AC.

    For the sake of sharing my personal spin on the whole Sirlin controversy, I want to make it clear that, for the most part, I don’t have anything against the basic message behind Playing to Win. Hell, I agree with Sirlin that refusing to use certain moves or tactics in a game because they’re considered too strong or “dishonorable” by certain players is idiotic; the ultimate goal of any competitive game is to win, and you shouldn’t feel pressured into forbidding yourself from using the strongest and most effective tools available to you because it might damage the ego of someone who isn’t up to your skill level. There’s nothing wrong with fighting hard and using everything the game gives you to earn that ‘W’. As the old saying goes, “Hate the game, not the player.”

    The problem I have with Sirlin is the simple fact that he’s a douchebag who obviously thinks far too highly of his own opinions. He acts like Playing to Win was some revolutionary new philosophy he brought to the masses on golden tablets, when the original article was little more than a poorly-written straw man argument against a tiny minority of arcade-dwelling cynics who cried “cheap” whenever anyone beat them as if it was some magic word capable of getting arcade owners to throw out their paying customers. There was logic in applying the anything-goes attitude to competitive gameplay, but that logic is largely overshadowed by a bunch of obnoxious anecdotes about Sirlin imparting wisdom on the fools who challenge him and brazenly masturbatory passages where he talks down to his readers as if they’re infantile morons, while simultaneously throwing around obscure FG vernacular that newcomers to the genre wouldn’t understand.

    Everything Sirlin does and says serves to reinforce my concept of him as a vain, nose-in-the-air elitist who can’t take a critical look at himself because he’s too busy criticizing everyone and everything around him. And that’s why it gives me a sick sense of pleasure to talk about how David Sirlin is such a self-glorifying asshole that he walks into churches to check for stained glass windows depicting his likeness. Or the fact that David Sirlin is such an eerily self-adoring freak that his toothbrush is a rubber replica of his own penis with bristles glued onto one side.

  6. Em

    Great podcast guys!

    On Loki: I think what Sean said is probably too, but also, the actor that plays him, Tom Hiddleston is absolutely the nicest guy ever and super adorable. So…that helps with the Loki-thing. I am waiting for the mare!Loki cosplay. It’s totally canon!

    On Yaoi: I dunno, why do some people like cheese?

    1. Sean Ryan

      BDSM is the new cheese.

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