Method to Madness Podcast: Fist of the North Star 16-20



Episode 116: “Gist of the North Star III”

These episodes of Fist of the North Star are where the show gets especially goofy. Keep in mind that I say that even after the previous episodes we’ve covered.

Within these episodes, Kenshiro single-handedly takes out helicopters, motorcycles, canons, a battleship, a regular tank, and a goddamn tank train. All of these things might be more impressive feats by Ken if they weren’t all so grossly misused. Then there the knife guns and canons that fire dudes with swords.

This is what I’m talking about:

In the Method to Madness podcast, Sean “The Grey Ghost” Ryan and Kevin “The Business” Gray discuss the great anime that you should be watching and the shameful anime we know you’re watching instead.

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Sean Ryan

Blogger, podcaster, and your new best friend: Sean Ryan, aka The Grey Ghost. Host of Alpha Counter and the Method To Madness podcast. Sean's produced content for online networks that no longer exist, like the Team Sportscast Network and GotGame. He now contributes to Anime 3000 and I Just Had a Terrible Thought... Pray for them. Twitter: @thegreyghostnet


  1. The CyberNauts Cast

    Here are some examples of railway guns: link to en.wikipedia.org

    Mad props on mentioning Strongbad on the show. You could always do a segment where you answer emails in the Strongbad voice, with clicky clack keyboard sound effects in the background. Would it be lame… yes, but you have my vote.

    1. Sean Ryan

      Heh, it might be best to leave Strongbad emails to Strongbad. My impression would be criminal; in both quality and copyright infringement.

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