Alpha Counter Podcast 35: Bromance



Episode 35: “LAAAAAAW!!!!”

We’re shipping it up, here on Alpha Counter. Apparently people have no difficulty envisioning Matt and I engaging in homoerotic misadventures… Not that we’ve done much to suppress this. In some ways–as you’ll find in this podcast–we may be key contributors.

To compensate for the “no homo” jokes, most of this episode is spent flexing our manliness. Get ready for more talk about fighting games, Breaking Bad, most Sylvester Stallone movies, and drooling over cosplay hotness.

Miss my original review of The Expendables? Ta-Da!

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Sean Ryan

Blogger, podcaster, and your new best friend: Sean Ryan, aka The Grey Ghost. Host of Alpha Counter and the Method To Madness podcast. Sean's produced content for online networks that no longer exist, like the Team Sportscast Network and GotGame. He now contributes to Anime 3000 and I Just Had a Terrible Thought... Pray for them. Twitter: @thegreyghostnet


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  1. M

    I think Shauna and I would get along. Because I was stupidly giggling thru this whole damn podcast. XD

    That Dredd movie has actually been getting decent reviews, so I’d definitely say it’s worth seeing.


    1. M

      Alternate title to this podcast is “Method to Manness.” >:D

      1. Sean Ryan

        OOH! NICE!

  2. VichusSmith

    Did you say “doing good pod”?

    1. VichusSmith

      Ooh, comments RSS feed? Better than nothing.

      1. Sean Ryan

        Still working on it. Dunno if it’s a conflict with the theme or if plugins just suck more than advertised.

        1. VichusSmith

          disqus or livefyre would rock, but do what you can.

        2. Sean Ryan

          I’m trying to avoid third party comment apps, but I’ll do what I can.

    2. VichusSmith

      Breaking Bad:

      Matt points out something that I have heard before. When Walt kills Mike, he takes his bug out bag. This is a pattern for Walt. In all of his past encounters, he keeps things from those times. Whether it’s physical items, mannerisms, or habits, Walt has basically taken trophies and added it to himself.

      NOW, I’m guessing that you’ve seen all the episodes for this year. So go back to the episode where we see Walt on the run on his birthday. Look at what he’s doing. Also, that last name is not a random name. It is a maiden name.

      Judge Dredd:

      While the Judge Dredd comic is not a deadly serious series, the newest Dredd movie is not “darker.” It’s keeping more in line with the comic than Stallone’s version ever did.

      Demolition Man:

      Love it.

    3. Sean Ryan

      Yep. Dunno if we’ve coined that phrase, but we’re rollin’ with it!

      1. Tim

        I wonder if the original idea of Demo Man was to be a straight faced farce and the director just didn’t realize it, because that’s how it always felt to me.

        1. Sean Ryan

          That’s how I sometimes felt about Judge Dredd, but that might be mostly because of Rob Schnieder.

        2. VichusSmith

          I think they hired Rob Schnider for the yuks, and anything else was to be taken DEADLY seriously.

          I can’t wait to see the new Dredd.

        3. Tim

          I have, in 3D. It was quite good. Done straight, but with darkly funny moments. Also, while the Slowmo effects are a bit overdone, they’re almost entirely relegated to the first 15 minutes or so. After that, it’s a very good raid style movie with two supercops vs an entire locked down complex full of people who want them dead.

        4. Sean Ryan

          Cool! I’ll try to make time for it, then!

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