Alpha Counter Cross-Ups 04: Moogles



Cross-Ups 04: “Slurs are Lame”

It’s my birthday! So my gift to myself is taking the week off, which turns into my gift to you: Bonus clips!

For this batch, we talk about Matt’s talented sister, Sarah Straub, who did a spectacular job creating the background artwork for this website. I’ve also included an extension to Chuck and I discussing the crazies of social justice. And of course, if you couldn’t get enough Cody Baier, there’s plenty more from him, too.

Sinfest: Third Wave Feminism 2

You should read Sinfest.

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  1. Cody Baier

    Hyper cats are awesome?! Tell that to any cat owner’s sofa… Sofist…

    Sinfest?! Healthy?! That thing has become such a ridiculous soapbox even the most ardent fans of the comic have jumped ship. There’s a reason it used to be all the rage over the internet, and not so much now. Between the heavy-handedness, ridiculous strawmen, and nonsensical extremes it both depicts, argues against, and endorses, it’s practically one of the most UNhealthy contributions to the discussion.

    Also there is nothing balanced about the Daily Show, dude…

    Also I call plagiarism; Sean’s idea of puppy kicking is clearly a ripoff of my Olympic Baby Tossing idea!

    1. Cody Baier

      Ah poop, a link didn’t post. But here’s a good rundown on the problems with Sinfest as it is now: link to webcomics.me

    2. Sean Ryan

      Wouldn’t it be more accurate to accuse you of plagiarizing Dave and Joel’s baby bomb bit? I mean, the promo’s right in there. :p

      I still dig Sinfest. I’ve been faithfully reading it for the good part of a decade, now and I don’t see what you’re seeing. I read through the article you linked and I’ve never gotten the sense that Sinfest had gotten serious… I’ve never felt that the strip is ever trying to be smarter than it is. It addresses cultural issues that I know many people are probably sick of, but the guy still makes it fun and gives these “serious business” topics a silly spin. Even the article’s author says that her criticisms aside, she’s still a fan, too!

      I was totally on board when he started introducing new characters and arcs, like The Patriarchy. I may root for “Tricycle Sue” but I also see how both the admirable and ridiculous sides of feminism are portrayed in exaggeration through her to make her, well…a cartoon.

      1. Cody Baier

        The author of that article has further chronicled the ridiculousness of Sinfest’s preaching (link to webcomics.melink to webcomics.me) and has since, like many people (myself included) jumped ship (link to webcomics.me).

        I mean, god damn, when the matrix code starts pouring down with demands of conformity, that is quite possibly the least subtle soapboxing I have ever seen. And I do mean ever.

        1. Sean Ryan

          Sometimes I wish someone would construct a set of goggles that would allow me to see the world through your lens. That would be worth my money.

          Seriously, though, if you don’t like Sinfest, I understand why. I don’t want to say that I like it because I “get” it, but I’m picking up what they’re throwing down and I dig it. Maybe it’s just that I share the same opinions and attitude as Ishida.

        2. VichusSmith

          I also chuckled when you mentioned that the Daily Show is balanced. I don’t even think Jon Stewart would be comfortable saying that. Yes, they rip apart all sorts of politicians and whatnot, but the show’s never been accused of being straight down the middle.

          I have long forgotten the site, but there was this bad webcomics wiki, and I spent what must’ve been a lifetime going through it. If you like webcomics, it’s good fodder.

          I have never heard of Sinfest. Didn’t read it yet, but I like the style. I’d call it “neo Peanuts.”

        3. Sean Ryan

          Yeah, “balanced” was probably a poor choice of words, and I think you can hear some of my hesitation to use it. I’d say the phrase “more balanced” is more accurate than simply “balanced”. And my opinion comes from how The Daily Show’s material is for the sake of comedy more than media agenda and also how they make fun of other media as much (if not more so) as they do the political groups themselves.

  2. VichusSmith

    Yeeeeah, moogle it up!

    Since the podcast, did someone explain to Chuck that Batman had at least 4 decades of stories under its belt before Hideo Kojima shipped his first metal gear game?

    This is the problem with claiming copying/theft of intellectual property, because most ideas and concepts are not unique, especially in 20-freaking-12.

    Whatever themes you take from the MGS series, Batman stories have covered them.

    “The Dark Knight Rises” is a mixture of Batman stories, mainly “Knightfall” and a bit of “No Man’s Land”

    1. Sean Ryan

      Well, since Chuck was talking about the direction of Dark Knight Rises, the comparison made sense to me. I don’t think it can be as easily dismissed as “Simpsons did it!”.

      Even if the story of DKR is derived from some of the older stories from the comics, it’s the way the film was directed that makes it comparable with other things with similar tone, etc, like MGS.

      1. VichusSmith

        Eh, I don’t see where he’s coming from. He was also talking about themes, like the symbol of a hero carrying on long after the actual person and whatnot. I barely remember him talking about how the direction was similar; it was a decent length podcast.

  3. VichusSmith

    Wow, reminding me of the dark corners Cody Baier dares travel into.


    1. Sean Ryan

      Some day I may just post that fanfic that M wrote for me slashing Legolas, Spiderman, and Kermit the Frog set in outer space.

      1. Em

        You have my blessing!

        1. VichusSmith

          Question, Em: has anyone ever referred to you as “Ems” a la “Revenge”?

  4. VichusSmith

    Here’s the bad webcomics wiki.


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