Sean Ryan, aka The Grey Ghost

Sean Ryan,
aka The Grey Ghost

Alpha \’al-fə\

     1. The first one; the beginning.
     2. The most prominent, talented, or aggressive person in a group.
     3. The brightest or main star in a constellation.

Counter \’kaün-tər\

     1. To meet or return a blow by another blow.
     2. To oppose; controvert; react in the contrary.

Alpha Counter is the home to the successful and controversial anime podcast, Method to Madness. Sean Ryan leads the charge against internet villainy, through podcasts and prose, in the pursuit to cure first-world douchebaggery. Grab your ankles; you’re about to get your feelings hurt.

The current Alpha Counter crew also includes Kevin Gray (aka, The Business), secret agent M (for eMpersonal), Matthew “@PhantomFHarlock” Kraft, Charles “@Comtar” Lai, and active listeners like you.

Sometimes the best defense is to be offensive.