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Podcast Sampler Pack 2013

For new listeners, we’ve compiled a list of our best episodes of Method to Madness and Alpha Counter podcasts, including fan picks!

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Site News: Method to Madness No Longer on Anime 3000

The Method to Madness podcast and Anime 3000 part ways starting in 2013. For the curious, click here for details on our departure.

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The Method to Madness Podcast Sampler

With nearly 80 episodes under our belt, not everyone has the time to dive into the entire archive. Listed here are some of the best episodes we’ve done to date.

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Animazement Promotional Materials

Animazement is rapidly approaching with less than two weeks left to go! Kevin and I have been hard at work putting together some promotional materials for the podcast to give away at the con. We’ll have fliers, buttons, and a handful of promotional demo discs with samples of our favorite episodes in higher-quality audio. The …

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Method to Madness Podcast Now on iTunes

The Method to Madness podcast is now available for free on iTunes! To subscribe, just enter the feed URL below:

Ain’t It Cool? I’ll say!

Looks like my Omi Gibson interview was linked in the “Worth Checking Out” section of Friday’s Cool News. Awesome!